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For the Community

We have been forced to settle with the lowest cost technologies that merely serve the administrative needs; collecting, processing, reporting, and archiving. What good is that system if you always end up reacting to incidents that have already occurred? Why can't we detect the patterns and predict some of the most frequent incidents occurring on our school grounds to prevent them altogether?

HOW? Let us show you

Artificial Intelligence minus the hype. We've built an A.I. engine that learns and models from empirical data from educational settings that can detect and predict.


Decades of experience in enterprise software and public safety, all available


in the cloud.

When an incident occurs, do you still pick up a phone and call someone? Send an email and wait for a response? Log onto multiple programs to record the details and notify authorities? Fill out a bunch of paperwork? Even worse, collect data and re-enter into yet another system again for reporting or financials?

This needs to stop.

It's wasting those precious golden minutes that could be used to save student lives.

"When there is A need to help any student in a crisis. You ought to have a BETTER tool to handle it."

 - Daniel Lee, CEO of Kokomo Solutions

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