Use Case 1 - Desk Booking and Check-in



Use Case 2 - Capacity Limit and cleaning management




Check-in Location & Desk

Pre-screen guests prior to visit,
Kiosk-based self-screening on site,
QR Code Check-in,
Check into an office, desk, or common area,
Fully integrated with Case Management and Contact Tracing,


Screening Certification

Dynamic drag-and-drop Survey Editor
Multi-state (Pass, Fail, and Stay-Home) workflow
Location-aware, Time-zone-aware, Org Chart-aware
Real-time notifications via email, push, and text


Capacity Management

Block off resources for social-distancing
Control the percent % of availability per mandate
Manage clean vs. used resources
Analyze the usage in real-time


Contact Tracing

Within Case Management, perform
Contact Identification,
Contact Listing,
Contact Follow-up.

Notify, collect, and manage pre-emptively mitigate the risk of an outbreak or becoming a hotspot by a super-spreader.


Badge Integration

Secure physical spaces by disallowing entry of non-compliant employees.
Integrates the granular data of key swipes for more thorough Contact Tracing.