How it works

1-stop Compliance Management



Kokomo24/7®'s VaxTrax™ can
  • Collect self-report of Vaccine proof and/or Test result
  • Connect to testing lab
  • Connect to vaccine authenticators (Ca, NY, etc.)
  • one-stop Dashboard
  • Reporting mandates
  • Reminders - Expired, Certification, etc.
  • Verification Workflow
  • Issue compliance card for access control
  • Fully integrated with Kokomo24/7® Safety Cloud™


Fully integrated lab service



Kokomo24/7® VaxTrax™ is fully integrated with renowned full-service testing lab, whose services include:


  • Ordering and delivering "at-home test kits" to employees
  • schedule proctor-session
  • Coordinate pre-event verification
  • result data available in VaxTrax™ dashboard
  • Positive result alerts
  • Test expiration reminders
  • Compliance reports


What is VaxTrax?
With pandemic restrictions being lifted across the country, organizations’ demand has risen for health and safety management solutions to ensure a safe return of employees. Kokomo24/7® is a health and safety technology innovator and cloud solution provider. Our Safety Cloud™ is the most comprehensive COVID-19 response solution in the market.
Our VaxTrax™ helps over 100 organizations to deploy and manage vaccination and testing programs more rapidly and efficiently. It is a tool to collect proof of vaccination, negative test results, or exemption proof via photo or attachment from a mobile device. It provides organizations with internal announcements, notifications, and reminders for easy promotion and education.

Compliance Card

Campaign Announcement,
Vaccine Site Information,
Collection of Vaccination Status,
Collection of proof (CDC Card),
Integrate with HR system,
Issue Internal Vaccine Card.


Vaccine Proofs + Exemption  Requests

Employees can take a photo and submit the proof
Request exemptions
Admin will be alerted
Admin can "Verify" and issue Private-labeled Vaccine Card


Awareness Campaign

Public Announcement (PA) function to promote vaccination campaign e.g. education, gift card, paid time off, etc.


Vaccine + Test  Compliance

Vaccination Site Info
Vaccination Tracking
Vaccination Document Repository



Hierarchy Aware
Single Sign on
Globalized (Spanish, Polish, etc.)


Top 3 Use Cases

Smiling warehouse workers preparing a shipment in a large warehouse

Learn how we are helping global and national corporations to handle the health and safety of employees, contractors, and visitors.


Learn how we are helping both private and public colleges, Pre-K, and K-12 schools with unique challenges.

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Learn what we are doing to help public as well as retail and small businesses to return to life with secure passport-like badging system.


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