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The Core Solutions


Sreening Certification, Contact Tracing, Guest Management, and Case Management

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kokomo24/7® ARS

Anonymous Reporting System
(a.k.a. Tip-line)

Public safety starts with involvement from all facets of the community, by equipping it with anonymous reporting. Kokomo24/7® is an all-in-one solution from mobile app to website portal powered by AI-based TruScore™ that allows you to submit safety concerns to help identify and intervene at-risk individuals and incidents.

kokomo24/7® eoc

Emergency Operation Center

Should an incident occur, do you still pick up a phone and call someone? Kokomo24/7® EOC provides organizations in any vertical and size with instant situational awareness so emergencies are handled with informed decisions. It's a light modern Situational Awareness and Response Assistance (SARA) system.

kokomo24/7® ims

AI-driven Safety Incident Management

What if we can prevent a safety incident before it happens? What if we can see patterns leading to a detrimental behavior? Kokomo24/7® IMS learns from the past and analyzes data to predict outcomes and provide intervention before incidents happen. IMS provides a proactive approach to prevent, respond to, and recover from incidents.