Health, Safety, and Operation Platform for K-12 Schools

Designed for education, our robust but user-friendly software solidifies your control over the health and safety of your K-12 community.


Most districts are inundated with fragmented solutions and struggle to provide streamlined services. Adopt a platform that can grow with you.

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Kokomo24/7® has helped the largest school districts in the country manage their complex health and safety challenges.

Experience the benefits of using the most comprehensive health, safety, and operational management platform available.

  • Cost savings up to 60% when switching to the Kokomo platform.
  • Districts realize immediate impact to students and school community upon rollout.
  • Streamline operations by utilizing a centralized repository - one source for all data.
  • Achieve data coherence and transparency while meeting compliance requirements.
  • Adopt a modular platform that allows for future growth.
  • A modern system that is easy to train and use.

What is the Platform Approach?

At Kokomo24/7®, we believe our health and safety platform is a blueprint to building a holistic safety strategy.

Some edtech companies move slowly or offer solutions that aren't cost-effective. Other times, schools have to piece together software tools that don't integrate with each other and make work harder.  

By taking a platform approach to school safety, districts see increased efficiency and accountability. Take a long-term, sustainable approach to school safety by partnering with a trusted and proven platform.

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Save time and money by streamlining workflows and consolidating multiple solutions into one


Enhance school security and student health and safety

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The Kokomo platform works with what you already have. You don’t need to throw away your existing solutions!  

Kokomo24/7® Is Proud To Serve The Los Angeles Unified School District

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Los Angeles Unified School District, the second-largest school district in the nation, chooses Kokomo24/7® to keep its students healthy and its schools safe.

How Kokomo24/7® Helps LAUSD Manage Student Health and Prevent School Violence

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Incident Management

LAUSD uses our Incident Management’s centralized dashboard to help them collect, track, manage, and respond to any incidents impacting the school community.


Anonymous Reporting

Our Anonymous Reporting tool, which LAUSD calls LASAR, is an app that provides students, staff, and community members with a safe and private way to report concerning behavior.


Guest Management

Kokomo's Guest Management system enhanced LAUSD’s previous guest safety policies, ensuring that all visitors are properly tracked and managed with screening tools and digital badging.

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Communications Management

Our Communications Management tool provides instant notifications to students, staff, and parents, keeping everybody informed during emergency or nonemergency situations.


Feedback Management

LAUSD employees digitized data collection with customizable surveys, allowing administrators to better track the information they need.


Digital Emergency Alert Button

Kokomo's digital emergency alert button gives LAUSD students and staff a safe and instant way to call for help during times of extreme emergency.

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Event Management

Our Event Management tool helps LAUSD streamline and simplify events through attendee and venue management.



LAUSD uses Kokomo’s Telehealth tool to securely connect school nurses to doctors, better treating student health issues while at school.


Classroom Observation

LAUSD uses Kokomo’s Classroom Observation tool to assess teachers in the classroom, easily tracking all notes in an integrated database.

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"The ability for the community to relay, in an anonymous way or not, potential threats to a student or to a school is critically important."

Alberto Carvalho | Superintendent | LAUSD

How We Help Schools


Centralized dashboard for incident recording and tracking, and managing notifications. Set criteria for automatic escalation of certain cases for greater visibility.


Secure data storage and reporting allows for data analysis and simplifies compliance. 


Assign messaging to predetermined groups or individuals. Automate message distribution or send manually. 


Optional Emergency Alert feature for times of crisis.


Optional direct communication with local police or fire departments.


Two-way mobile app for emergency communication. Capture geo-location data from reporters. 

These modules integrate seamlessly to create a solution that fits your needs:

Kokomo CASES™

Incident management software for collecting, tracking and responding to predictable and unpredictable incidents that affect your school community. Learn More

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Messaging software that streamlines instant communication and notification management to groups and to your entire school community. Learn More


Software that empowers students to report incidents and concerns. Learn More

Kokomo FORMS™

Screen or survey your school community with forms that are easy to create, customize, and analyze. 

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Kokomo ACCESS™

A resource and events management software that enables organizations to optimize communal workspaces and equipment with innovative features like room reservations and capacity statistics. 

Kokomo HOST™

Guest management software that allows schools to prescreen their visitors, giving administrators the information they need to protect the  health and safety of their students.


A holistic health and safety software suite that simplifies and centralizes health enablement, health screening, vaccination requirements, mental wellness evaluations and support, and more by providing easy-to-use tech tools and telehealth accessibility.


Provide a safe place for schools to track certifications in any category, such as professional development, training, vaccine status, and diagnostic results.

Kokomo TRIAGE™

A truly holistic, easy-to-use, and centralized emergency command center designed for schools. 

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An event management suite designed for schools to simplify health and safety protocols at any gathering or live event. 

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A highly configurable dashboard which serves as a centralized command center where schools can oversee their health and safety solutions in one, consolidated place. 

Are you ready to enhance the health and safety of your school with a leading software that provides a holistic, configurable solution?