Incident Management System

Modern and intuitive

Cloud-based, mobile-enabled turn-key solution

Easy integration to existing systems

Accountability and compliance

Patent-pending intervention flag by A.I. to achieve prevention

In-use by 850+ schools, 10,000 users, serving 700,000 students

Safety cloud™ - IMS

Helps communities, schools, and workplaces to not only track and handle safety incidents but also prevent by predicative analysis

a part of Kokomo24/7® Safety Cloud™

Anonymous Reporting

Kokomo24/7® anonymous reporting tipline is available to all school personnel, students, and parents and guardians. Tips on suicide, drugs, and violence are collected and reported to the appropriate personnel for intervention. 

Incident Management

Kokomo24/7® learns from the past and analyzes in real time to predict and prevent incidents and alert faculty. Kokomo24/7 stores and assess risk events to keep school admin ahead of possible incidents.

Emergency Operations Center

Kokomo24/7® provides school operations and safety officials with instant situational awareness so emergencies are handled with informed decisions.

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