Health and Safety Management Platform for Colleges and Universities

Designed for secondary education’s dynamic environments, Kokomo's software puts you in command of safety issues and incidents across campuses, giving you the ability to confidently and efficiently prevent, protect, respond and recover from both the predictable and unpredictable.

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Protecting the health and safety of a college or university's students, staff, and visitors is an incredibly complex job.  


Control the incident case process from one streamlined system.

Kokomo software simplifies the creation of incident reports, tracking and follow-up. It facilitates analysis, documentation, and compliance.

The automation and AI features simplify organization and task management, helping to elevate issues that need immediate response, reduce resolution time and increase a sense of security across your campus.

From the same dashboard, Kokomo software allows communication to select groups or to the entire community instantly. The optional emergency alert system allows instant input from the community. Connect immediately with emergency responders to share critical information and get incidents under control.

  • Collect and track incidents impacting students, from fighting to cyber bullying.
  • Keep track of routine tasks and maintenance issues for facility management.
  • Control facility access and use of shared resources across campuses. Allow students or faculty to digitally reserve study or meeting rooms.
  • Compliance with regulations such Title IV or IX is simplified with data collection, reporting and task management solutions.
  •  Kokomo's anonymous reporting solution empowers student and staff to provide the information you need to address incidents, large or small, immediate or ongoing.
  • From severe weather to campus violence, the Emergency Alert System facilitates instant collection of needed information and immediate connection with emergency responders.
  • Gets information, emergency or day-to-day, to specific groups or your whole community.
  • Manage meetings or large events with ease. Oversee digital registration, resource reservations, notifications, surveys and more from your Kokomo dashboard.

Key Features


Capture Incident information, track, manage and report from a single dashboard.


Automate escalation of cases that deserve greater visibility based on custom criteria


Collect safety concerns both anonymously and publicly to protect the safety of everyone on campus.


Emergency alert button via app or online allows students or staff to report emergency situations.


Capture geo-location data from reporters, as well as photos, videos, text or voice.


Easily communicate with groups, individuals, or your entire community in emergency or non-emergency situations.


Optional direct communication with local police or fire departments from your control center.

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“As a higher education institution, the need was great to be able to easily support our students, faculty, staff, and guests. The Kokomo staff have been extremely helpful and quick to respond to questions or concerns.”

Doreen, Vice President & CIO | Bryant & Stratton College 

These modules integrate seamlessly to create a solution that fits your needs:

Kokomo CASES™

Incident management software with a central dashboard for collecting, tracking, and responding to predictable and unpredictable situations. Learn More

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Kokomo NOTIFY™

Messaging software that streamlines communication management to groups and to your entire community. Learn More


Provide your community with the ability to either publicly or anonymously report incidents or safety concerns 24/7. Learn More

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