About Us

Kokomo24/7® is a health and safety software platform founded on the commitment to create safer workplaces, schools, and communities.

We give organizations and education institutions the tools they need to implement and manage health, safety, and well-being initiatives and to create a culture of inclusivity and safety.

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Today, Kokomo is at the cutting edge of health, safety, and wellness management software.

With our unique solutions, we have earned a reputation for helping clients overcome complex challenges.

Where It All Started


CEO and founder, Daniel Lee, launches Kokomo Solutions Inc. and the Kokomo24/7® health and safety platform with a group of ambitious public health and safety experts.


Realizing the devastating public safety implications of COVID-19, Kokomo deploys a suite of streamlined health management tools.


Kokomo is the health and safety software provider for the 94th Annual Academy Awards.


The Los Angeles Unified School District introduces an anonymous reporting app for students and an emergency alert system for staff developed and maintained by Kokomo24/7®.

To date, Kokomo has amassed over one million users and has served hundreds of clients.

To carry off their high stakes, high profile event during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Academy of Motion Pictures turned to Kokomo24/7® to ensure all attendees and staff met health requirements and stayed safe. Kokomo’s event management tools were used to pre-screen and verify each person on the glittering guest list. In addition, Kokomo’s health and safety tools were employed to ensure a safe environment at all the Academy’s related events.


The nation’s second-largest school district needed multiple solutions and a high level of configuration at a controlled cost. The district now uses Kokomo software solutions to address challenges ranging from incident management to telehealth, configured to their needs and at a fraction of the cost of their previous solution.


Andersen Global turned to Kokomo24/7® to provide the tools to ensure the safety of their workers and workspaces worldwide. Solutions including incident management, guest management and health screening were integrated into Andersen’s existing HRIS to insure efficient and effective communication across locations and time zones.