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Bullying no longer happens just at school. With social media and the internet, cyber-bullying can follow kids home after they leave the school. With Kokomo24/7® Anonymous Reporting (AR) students, teachers, faculty, and parents/guardians can confidentially report safety concerns, including bullying, harassment, mental health concerns, weapons, and threats of violence to the administration for intervention. Also with mass emergency notifications parents are able to stay connected 24/7 by phone call, SMS, or email if an emergency should happen. 


Provide an effective intervention

Work order management, ensure a reported incident is never systematically lost. 

Sophisticated notification features to tell the right people with solid information, including parents.

Keeps everyone in the loop

Schools need to bridge the gaps in communication, resource planning, tracking, and reporting should an incident or emergency occurs on school ground. Being able to collect and centralize the information of the situational awareness will help schools to react to an incident effectively and timely.

Students and community can easily and completely anonymously report safety concerns through the secure tip-line. Users can also call 911 and school police directly from the app. 

Tips are sent to school admin and law enforcement for review and intervention.

Status of submissions are posted. Students and faculty can also post a status of their safety. 



Communication has been a struggle in the past, but with this platform, everything is in one place. Better equipping teachers and faculty to help students in a crisis


With Kokomo24/7, we've been able to have real-time updates on our students, not just annual reports at the end of the year.


The anonymous reporting tool has been a great asset to make students feel like their voices are heard and improve safety at our school. 

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