Health and Safety Management Platform for K-12 Schools

Designed for education, our robust but user-friendly software solidifies your control over the health and safety of your K-12 community.


School leaders need to be equipped to track, prevent and respond to incidents, whether they be crises or everyday events.


Kokomo24/7® has helped the largest school districts in the country manage their complex health and safety challenges.

No matter how many students a safety professional might be responsible for, Kokomo's software gives them tools to create a secure and healthy environment. Kokomo’s dashboard makes secure information collection and tracking easy. The ability to collect and analyze data, and automatically escalate cases when needed, leads to reduced resolution times and increased community trust. 

  • AI-driven incident management analyzes data and automatically escalates cases when needed, leading to reduced resolution times and increased community trust. Collect and track incidents such as fighting, cyber-bullying as well as facilities issues that require maintenance or repair.
  • Compliance with regulations such as Title IX is simplified with data collection, reporting and task management solutions.
  • Enabling anonymous reporting with Kokomo's reporting solution insures you get the information you need to address issues large or small, immediate or ongoing.
  • From severe weather to school closures to violence, the Emergency Alert System ensures instant collection of needed information and immediate connection with emergency responders.
  • Notification system gets information to students, staff, and parents, from bus updates to violent threats. Determine who should receive your messaging, and how often, to create awareness and confidence.

Los Angeles Unified School District, the nation’s second-largest public school system, chose Kokomo24/7® to replace and enhance district-wide incident and EOC management. LAUSD chose Kokomo's platform based on its distinct advantages in flexibility, functionality, security and usability.

Key Features


Centralized dashboard for incident recording and tracking, and managing notifications. Set criteria for automatic escalation of certain cases for greater visibility.


Secure data storage and reporting allows for data analysis and simplifies compliance. 


Assign messaging to predetermined groups or individuals. Automate message distribution or send manually. 


Optional Emergency Alert feature for times of crisis.


Optional direct communication with local police or fire departments.


Two-way mobile app for emergency communication. Capture geo-location data from reporters. 

These modules integrate seamlessly to create a solution that fits your needs:

Kokomo CASES™

Incident management software with a central dashboard for collecting, tracking and responding to predictable and unpredictable situations. Learn More

Kokomo-Solutions-FINAL_Notify (1)-1

Messaging software that streamlines communication management to groups and to your entire community. Includes the optional Kokomo Emergency Alert which can be activated via app or online by students or staff in crisis situations. Learn More


Software that empowers employees to report incidents and concerns. Learn More

Protect the health and safety of your school community with the leading software that provides a holistic, comprehensive, and intuitive solution.